Welcome to our Personal Page. Just a little information to let you get to know us, and our family.

On the left is my dear sweet Sharon. The light of my life and a wonderful woman. She is an executive secretary for the senior manager of Air Operations tranining at FedEx here in Memphis. On the right you will see Sharon & I at our favorite night spot, Shooters. We love country music and country dancing. I am a programmer, also with Air Operations training at FedEx At night we both become Cyber-Surfers on the web. That is how the creation of the Homepage began. We liked what we saw and decided that we had something to offer the rest of the Cyber-Surfers.

On the left is Sharon's daughter Shawn, and the right is my son Bobby. Shawn's nickname is Booger, given by her deceased stepfather because he said "I picked you and I can flick you" meaning that he picked her to be his daughter and he loved her very much, and so do I. Bobby is my oldest and means a lot to me. I don't get to spend the time with him that I would like, but that will change in the future, I hope. I love all my kids very much.

On the left is Sharon's son David, and on the right is my son Paul Micheal III. David is a mechanic and a great guy. I look forward to getting to know him better. Paul Michael is in junior high and a great student. Smart as a whip when he wants to be. He is in Scouts like his older brother. He loves to camp out, and one day we will go camping again.

On the left is Sharon's son Greg, and the right is my daughter Elizabeth. Greg is presently in school getting his Business Management degree. Elizabeth is my little angel. I love her very much. I miss the times that she would come up and sit in my lap and watch TV. One day soon I will have that back again. I can't wait!

And last but not least is one of our dogs, Nick, who we lovingly call Nickster. He is a West Highland Terrier. We lost our dear Nickster on July 29, 2000 to cancer. We love and miss him very much.

Sharon & I both want to thank you for visiting our Homepage and hope you will come back again to see the improvements and additions to our family page as well as the other pages. Thank you again and don't forget to sign our guestbook on the main page. May the good Lord bless and keep you till we see you again.

Paul & Sharon

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